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21. Heedfulness is the path to the deathless; heedlessness is the path to death. The heedful do not die; the heedless are like unto the dead.

22. Distinctly understanding this difference, the wise in heedfulness rejoice in heedfulness, delighting in the realm of the Ariyas.

23. The constantly meditative, the ever earnestly striving ones, realize the bond-free, supreme Nibbăna.

24. The reputation of him who is energetic, mindful, pure in deed, considerate, self-controlled, right-living, and heedful steadily increases.

25. By sustained effort, earnestness, discipline, and self-control let the wise man make for himself an island which no flood overwhelms.

26. The ignorant, foolish folk indulge in heedlessness; the wise man guards earnestness as the greatest treasure.

27. Indulge not in heedlessness, have no intimacy with sensuous delights; for the earnest, meditative person obtains abundant bliss.

28. When the sagacious one discards heedlessness by heedfulness, this sorrowless wise one ascends the palace of wisdom and surveys the ignorant sorrowing folk as one standing on a mountain the groundlings.

29. Heedful amongst the heedless, wide awake amongst the slumbering, the wise man advances like a swift horse, leaving a weak jade behind.

30. By earnestness Maghavă rose to the lordship of the gods. Earnestness is ever praised; carelessness is ever despised.

31. The bhikkhu who delights in earnestness, and looks with fear on negligence, advances like fire, burning all fetters, great and small.

32. The bhikkhu who delights in earnestness, and looks with fear on negligence, is not liable to fall ; he is in the presence of Nibbăna.